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how to make a pea shooter.


  1. One Green Hoodie.
  2. From any craft store:
    1. A foam ring (used for flower arranging)
    2. 3 foam balls (usually found in the same section
    3. Long green wires used for flower arranging
    4. A green marker
    5. Black Tulle fabric
    6. Baseball cap
    7. Felt (Green, Grey, Black)
    8. Green pipe cleaners
    9. Black fabric marker
    10. Seam ripper
    11. Scissors
    12. Sewing Machine
    13. Staple Gun
    14. Fabric Glue

First – make the leaves

Using a black fabric marker

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sunday in the park with myself

i just had a wonderful day.  usually  my sunday consists of moving from the bedroom to the living room and catching up on tv from the week. sometimes i might sew something, knit something, or kill a few aliens on the xbox. but the general rule of the thumb is i stay pj clad for most of the day, and other than an occasional howdy from my housemate, i have very limited interaction with other people.

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