the final conclusion: “that’s technology”

so steve jobs has said in regards to the lightning quick price drop of the 8gb iphone from $599 to $399. i’ve been an early adopter pretty much as long as i can remember (philips velo, first gen aibo, segway anyone??) so i know there is a certain tax both in features and price for buying the first of anything. what i didn’t expect was what happened with the iphone yesterday and i had to take some time to figure out why i was so angry. after reading oodles of forum posts, blogs, and new stories i realized there were a couple of forces at play. the first was the sheer delight that so many folks seemed to take in pointing out how “stupid”, “vain” and “smug” i was for buying an iphone right out of the gate. the second was how stupid i did feel – stupid for standing in line on july 29 – not because i think i made a bad decision buying the phone – not because i regret having done so – but that the price cut somehow took what i thought was a good decision – one that was right for me at the time – and made it seem ridiculous. the na-na-na factor of it all is what made me feel ashamed and embarrassed and subsequently angry. at any rate i still love my iphone, and i’m still loving my new macbook pro – i’m also still likely to continue being an early adopter and the next time something like this happens (as i’m sure it will) i’ll laugh a little and say, “that’s technology”



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