time is not on my side

i need more than 14-16 hours of awake time (yes i try for 8-10 hours of sleep at night – otherwise i’m insufferable) to do all the things i want to do.  one of the top things on my to do list every day is to blog more.  not because i necessarily have anything astounding or important to share with the universe, but more because i enjoy writing and i think it’s good exercise for the mind.  i have so many moments in the day when i make a mental note, “i should write about that” and i never do come back to it.  with all of the innovations of the day you would think there is some sort of in the moment solution for this…i know folks have used voice for this via twittergram or other types of voice posting, but unfortunately i hate the sound of my voice and my tendency to ramble when “on air”.  although looking at this current post and the ridiculous amount of run on sentences i’m not so sure voice would be all that bad.  but i digress.  i not only digress i realize i’m actually pretty fried from a busy monday catching up at work and following the flurry of content flowing out of the techcrunch 40 conference today.  the dog is also scratching at the back door reminding me that i should end as i began; with the heavy realization that time is not on my side.


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