advertising on widgets

doubleclick, peanut labs, rock you

1 in 4 people online see a rock you widget – i guess i’m 1 of 3.

apis are key to growth.

so rock you powers widgets for other brands; odds of me seeing on have gone up.

damn.  these guys drive a lot of traffic.

key takeaways:

facebook is the best distribution platform – 7 x better

distribution is still hard only – 1 % succeed

third party ad networks enable distribution

double click guy

for buyers – taking campaigns viral

building a connection with enthusiasts

– sturgis bike ralley –

live shots from around the world


cut through the clutter

drive viral distribution through the ad

by allowing a sharing location

why would an advertiser use double click

scale to 10+ billion imps/day

100 custom metrics/widget

interaction – interaction time

video plays, midpoints, completes, etc

reach/frequency across paid and viral

conversion attribution

click thorugh

view through

for sellers

ads into widgets

double click’s ad server within immersive environments

single workflow for banners, rich media, instream, mobil, etc

for buyers:

make any ad “viral”

track results by distribution vehicle


conversion attribution

“turn off” old ads

indentify enthusiasts for future pr/outreach

for sellers:

distribute content where users spend time

reach the desktop

reach the homepage

sell in as “standard” a way as possible

scale ad ops

peanut labs

facebook app

digital bling

*pause for some great linkage: *

not covering affiliate links (boo!)

how big is the market for dollars flowing through the system – widgets

question – “how much money do you think all the widget providers are generating in dollars”

answer – “somewhere around a million a month”

question – “what do you see changing in the widget space?”

answer – “the actual units; a trend towards a standard cpi builds”

question – “what are the major business models that folks will be using to make money in the widget space”

answer – “advertising will probably still be the highest, but i think virtual currencies can be interesting – we shouldn’t forget commerce it’s also sexy”

*suddenly we moved from widgets to social networks*

if you are going to target a demographic – teen girls are the way to go.

also – outside of the u.s. cpms are very different.


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