banging out blog posts at citizen space

thanks to chris and tara of citizen agency and citizen space, i had a great time tonight writing up a couple blog posts that i’ve meaning to write since mid-august.

there were 8 of us (besides chris and tara) blogging and with the new radiohead playing in the background and the smell of pizza and good coffee wafting in the air – we all sat and blogged and blogged and blogged.

unfortunately i have to bail earlier than i would like to get back to my hotel and get ready for the last day of web 2.0 summit. but before i do that i’m going to go ahead and brain dump another list of posts i’ve been meaning to write so that the next time they host this shin-dig i’ll have a juicy set of topics from which to choose.

mobile (web) 2.0
why i love autumn
perpetual inferiority
lazy ambition
reason 324834723836 i like my mac better than my pc: bonjour
so i have this great idea for a start up….

ok kids time for me to hike to bush and grant.


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