widget measurement session: widget summit

ian kennedy from mybloglog moderating; first up is hooman radfar from clearspring (founder and ceo).

clear spring slide: who are we? the widget platform. enabling publishers and advertisers to reach new audiences.

four pillars: 1. create, 2. distribute, 3. track, 4. monetize – platform agnostic as in runs on various platforms (i.e google, live, yahoo, mobile etc). * a platform for platforms?

360 performance view for measurment. built original engine with rock you – the largest widget provider on the web.

data centers across the world

proven reliability, billions served

operational level reporting (real time)

multiple data access mechanisms

browser based reports

.xls export tool

360 performance view: understand optimize profit.

audience, engagement, endorsement. it’s understanding how the user picks up the widget. how are conversions occurring.

“how is this widget spreading” – ewwww

eyal magen from gigya (founder and ceo). *how do i get a founder and ceo gig??*

gigya is a widget distribution network.

obligatory logo slide.

distribute. analyze, monetize

tools are free to the user.

top widget sites:

slide .com










(not sure i got all those right – was typing fast)

gigya provides components for tracking including distribution reports, one click posting, widget usage reports, and widget monitization

*sort of lost track playing with bonjour chat on my macbook*

jeff gillis from google (not founder and ceo)

how many using google analytics? how many are using google analytics with facebook?

google analytics is separated into 5 main categories yadda yadda, i’m assuming most anyone who has found their way to my blog knows all this stuff 🙂

*one reason i hate panels* – you take up the first 15-20 minutes with introductions then spend the rest of the time watching people talking amongst themselves. i feel like i learn less from panels than any other type of conference session.

issues and developments

latency issue for high volume gadgets due to size of urchin.js library

gadget ads are not currently able to use google analytics

integrations are happening

heads up – possible google analytics announcement tomorrow at 12 pm check the analytics blog for details.

jeffG@google.com to be included in the beta for the feature.

hint: we like the data displayed by google gadget ads

questions and panel time:

how do you measure widget value?

as a site owner:

net traffic flow


warm, fuzzy satisfaction

as a widget publisher –

impressions, distribution

user acquisition


*i hate to say it, but this is when i start to get distracted and fade away – i’m just not a good panel audience member*

hopefully someone has done a better job of covering this session…


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