guest poster on the state of bazooka gum

written most eloquently by my friend skot york.  enjoy!



Our purchasing manager brought in some candy today as she tends to do,
and I was greeted with something I am not at all ok with.

Bazooka gum has completely changed their format, recipe and packaging.

The shape is wicked oblong now, throwing the whole length to width
proportion off, the gum is harder and tastes different somehow, even
though it was touted as “Original”, and the packaging sucks, they
changed to a sealed wrapped as opposed to the folded variety, much
like KitKat did a few years ago.

Remember how they used to have it wrapped, and the full color comic
was folded around the gum? Yeah, well the comic is printed directly
onto the inside of the wrapper now in one faded-ass color which makes
it entirely difficult to read. It’s not like the comics are even very
good, and I don’t want to have to work that hard to read them. Plus
the ads for sending in your comics for worthless free stuff? yeah,

You know it’s not that I particularly liked Bazooka gum or anything,
it’s just that it’s been one of those things that never seemed to
change. It was stable, it was reliable. I always knew in the back of
mind, if I wanted to, I could take a nickle in and get a chunk of
Bazooka. The wrapper would be waxy, the comic would have some terrible
joke, and I would probably not enjoy chewing the gum, but damnit, I
had the option.

“Not at all happy about the state of Bazooka Gum”


ps. If I had a blog, which I don’t, this is kind of inane subject
matter you’d find on there.

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