giving tumblr a go

i don’t know how it’s possible to feel like i’m cheating on my blogging solution of choice – but alas i’m interested in seeing if tumblr can bring me out of my blogging blues and get me to be more active online. i’ve been steady with both my twitter and flickr activity for the past year, but there is still a missing element by not posting regularly to this blog. i think a lot of it has to do with the pressure (self-imposed mind you) to write long, thoughtful, meaningful, worth-reading entries (for my 2-3 readers – hi dad!). i just happen to be at a place in my life right now where i would rather be able to post tidbits of this-that and the other – rather than stare at a big white box and see if i can fill it with words.

so in a nutshell, wordpress, it’s not you – it’s me – i have the attention span of a squirrel on speed and i just can’t give you the time you need to fulfill your blogging solution potential. i know tumblr is flashy and new and maybe i’ve been seduced by the attraction of a smaller box to fill – but aye, there’s the rub.

look at it this way, though, we’ll always have web 2.0 – in the meantime my avid followers (hi again dad!) can find me at – and if it seems to stick – i might even make the change to have point there…


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