#themeword for 2008: create

thanks to erica douglass, chris messina and others, i have a themeword for 2008. my word is create. in the practical sense of the word i plan to spend a great deal this year working on my new passion: knitting there is something tremendous in seeing a piece come together – a glove taking shape – the first of six jellyfish tentacles coming off the needles – a hat made from one skein of rainbow yarn. i’m hopelessly addicted and plan to turn it up a notch by attending the madrona fiber arts winter retreat (if you are a local knitter – hope to see you there). we’ve also started a small stitch n’ bitch group here at zumobi which will get together weekly to work on projects and share in some fabulous community energy. needless to say i’m hoping my portfolio of projects in 2008 shows real growth in the caliber of projects i take on and the quality of items that shake out on the other end.

in the less practical, but likely more important sense of the word i also want to create some new spaces for me this year. a healthy space, a successful space, an empowered space. 2007 marked a year full of loss for me and a meaningful counter to that would be to fill 2008 with the new.

my healthy space includes sticking with weight watchers and my wonderful group of tuesday ladies who meet downtown. i’m down 9lbs or so since starting back in october and would love to double that this year so that i can tie my shoes without feeling sheepish *grin*

my successful space is about watching zumobi (the start-up i work for) take off with our first product launch early this year. i’ve never been a part of bringing something to market that previously didn’t exist in some form or another; so creating something new in the mobile technology space is a pretty wild ride. can’t wait to report on 1/1/09 how we did.

my empowered space is about personal growth and creating the best environment possible for me to thrive in and subsequently creating the best me possible; a loving, thoughtful person who is well thought of and welcome to occupy my space in the world.

so 2008 is the year of going forth to create (and yah i’m a sucker for alliteration)


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