Knitting 2.0 Gathering at Thingamajiggr Tonight!

there’s a very cool event going on in seattle night, the second ever thingamajiggr put on by waggle labs and o’reilly radar. i volunteered to do a workshop/ad-hoc gathering covering two of my favorite topics: knitting and technology. the informal session is called: Knitting 2.0: How “hi-tech meets hand-spun” is changing the face of this traditional craft, and focuses on how the rise of the social web has influenced the knitting community and opened the craft to an amazing number of new possiblities. whether it’s etsy, ravelry, craft or the umpteen knitting blogs and podcasts– there are an endless amount of resources to blow your mind with regards to what people are doing with fiber these days. if you are interested in stopping by and hanging out, i invite you to bring a laptop, some needles & yarn, and tons of ideas for how you can kick start your own creative adventures.


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