speaking at ignite seattle 4/29!

i’m feverishly working on a new knitted laptop cozy (you can basically knit a cozy for anything – trust me on that); for my talk at ignite next week.

the topic of the talk is below and you can get all the info you need at : http://www.igniteseattle.com/

see you there!


Beth Goza (@bethgo) – Knitting in Code
Remember the joy of writing your first Hello World application? Do you still have a copy somewhere so you can gaze upon your coded baby steps into the world of binary goodness? In knitting, creating something beautiful is just like binary, with a series of knits and pearls you can dream up the most sophisticated of patterns. In the spirit of hi-tech meets hand-tech, I will show you how to convert your binary Hello World app into a pattern of stitches (think kint =1 pearl = 0), so that you can create, mount, frame and hang your Hello World genius for all to see.

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