beth’s list of ultra awesome android apps or UA3 ™

Here’s my current running list of UA3s:

Abduction! World Attack: On the cute, charming, brings a smile to your face every time scale this game is an 11! Why 11? Because everyone knows 11 is better than 10. This delightful game involves moving a cow up to a waiting alien spaceship by bouncing your phone back forth taking advantage of the onboard accelerometer. As you succeed at each level you unlock new animals (penguin, anyone?) and new settings (think Mt. Fuji or an African Savannah) all of which have the same cool cartoony feel as the original cow you start with.

Alphamixr: I hesitate to recommend this game because it has become somewhat of an addiction for me. It should really be called alphafixr because I need to play at least two or three times a day to get my alphamixr fix. Similar to some of the casual games that have become so popular on facebook, this simple word game challenges you to make as many words as possible from 6 random letters. Each level is set on a timer so you have to think quick and to move to the next level you have to get either a minimum amount of points or at least discover the longest word possible. What’s fun and clever is there is a silly yellow face that lets you know your progress, smiling widely when you get a viable word, giving you a whoops look if you try the same word twice, and a big frown if you happen to try a combination that would maybe work if the game accepted Swahili, but unfortunately it’s only US English.

Applause: This little fun application does exactly what it says; plays various types of applause at the touch of a button. Whether you are celebrating the end of a very productive meeting or encouraging a friend who accidentally sat on wet paint; having a hall of clapping hands makes for an easy way to let someone know you care.

E! Online and USA Today: Both of these news applications keep you up to date and in the know on everything from world affairs to who is Paris Hilton’s new best friend (well for today at least). What’s cool about these apps is they take advantage of multimedia by having video clips just a button press away as well as using the on board gps to give you local news and weather.

I Tweet!: I Tweet, You Tweet, We all Tweet for Twitter… Hands down I Tweet is the best twitter client on the android platform. Providing an up to date view of your friends stream, personal messages, replies and what’s going on in the twitterverse, you’ll never miss a tweet when your out and about.

nuTsie: An anagram for iTunes, nuTsie is essentially a “soft iPod” for your android phone. After creating an account with nuTsie you can then access the music available from your iTunes playlist; imagine having access to 40 gigs of music without ever having to connect your phone to your laptop. The application isn’t literally pulling from the music files on your computer; instead it takes your playlist and then serves up the music from servers (similar to Pandora or iMeem). There is a music recommendation system called the “serendipity slider” which lets you set how often you’d like to hear a new song not on your playlist that matches your tastes. For example set to half, you will hear one recommended song for each of yours that plays. Finally, there is a social networking element, that lets you access your friends iTunes playlists (if they opt in of course) and add the songs you like from those to your own playlist. Then if you decide to purchase; just press a button and you are whisked away to e-commerce land to buy the song and send it to your library.

Toggle Settings: This application represents pure functionality as it enables you to manage on device settings from a touch away. Whether it’s turning on Bluetooth, GPS, Airplane mode or wifi to making the screen brighter or volume louder, Toggle Settings is essentially “command central” for your android phone. The neatest feature is the ability to create profiles that can make a number of different settings change with just one touch. You could have a “Movie” profile, which dims the screens, makes the phone silent, and toggles vibrate so once the lights go down you are guaranteed not to aggravate your theater neighbors.

The Cash You Could Be Saving: Although I’m not usually a fan of “adverapps”, this one is just silly enough that I can’t help but show it off. This makes it that perfect “cocktail party” app that one-ups all my friends as we try and outdo each other on who has the coolest app. Simply put, this app plays the music from the Geico commercial with the eye-ball topped stack of money staring at you. If you don’t know what I’m talking about; check it out here…

Open Home and Better Cut: The one-two punch of Better Android’s Open Home + Better Cut makes for my personalization nirvana. I currently have the Open Home Scully skin with the Picnic Icons and a series of Better Cut shortcuts that have me surfing Seattle Traffic or Weight Watcher’s point lists from my home screen. I think there’s a debate about which is better Open Home or A-Home and I’ve decided it’s akin to the Tomatoh Tomahto debate, and we should just call the whole thing off. Go with the one that puts a smile on your face and your personal touch on your phone.

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