yes, you can go home again.

monday, i’ll be getting up bright and early to drive to a very familiar place. i spent almost 8 years driving back and forth to this location, and 3 of them to the very building i’ll be heading to on monday. quite possibly 3 of the craziest, happiest, most fulfilling years of my professional career.  on monday i am returning to microsoft to work on the windows phone 7 launch and being that i helped launch pocket pc 10 years ago followed by smart phone a couple of years later, i feel like i’m coming home.

having just spent the last 3 years getting back into mobile, first at zumobi and then t-mobile, i can definitely say that mobile is my passion and i love this industry.  it’s never a dull moment with the likes of google and apple joining the fray, hp buying palm, rumors of moto starting their own OS, samsung looking at bada, and the list goes on and on.  during my time at both zumobi and  t-mobile i’ve grown a great deal personally and professionally, worked with and for some of the most amazing people in wireless, and go back to microsoft with a wealth of experience and perspective.

once i get settled in my new space (which is actually my old space!), i’ll write more about what i’ll be doing, but i wanted to share the news in a more meaningful way than the random linked-in change in employer update!

now for the folks who say, “but wait!? weren’t you just devoting all your time working with android, blackberry and java developers? how can you go from being such a huge android fan to working on windows phone 7?”  anyone who knows me, knows that i am and have always been an equal opportunity geek.  all advances in technology are exciting to me and i support a thriving, competitive space because in the long run the ones who benefit most are the consumers who invariably see better and better products come to market.  which brings me to why i am excited to join the windows phone 7 team.  i think microsoft is on the right track with their (err, our) mobile strategy and i’m jumping at the chance to be a part of bringing this phone to market.

i’m also looking forward to reconnecting with all the fantastic softies i’ve had the honor of working with in the past; so keep an eye out for me on campus and to quote “revenge of the nerds II: nerd in paradise” which was paying homage to “poltergeist II: the other side”… i’m baaa-aaack!


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