how to make a pea shooter.


  1. One Green Hoodie.
  2. From any craft store:
    1. A foam ring (used for flower arranging)
    2. 3 foam balls (usually found in the same section
    3. Long green wires used for flower arranging
    4. A green marker
    5. Black Tulle fabric
    6. Baseball cap
    7. Felt (Green, Grey, Black)
    8. Green pipe cleaners
    9. Black fabric marker
    10. Seam ripper
    11. Scissors
    12. Sewing Machine
    13. Staple Gun
    14. Fabric Glue

First – make the leaves

Using a black fabric marker trace out the shape of the leaves using a picture of a pea shooter as the model

You will need four big ones and one small one.

After you have cut them out, then using needle and thread, hand sew a pipe cleaner to the bottom of each leaf.  This will let you give the leaves a little shape so they don’t just droop  off your shoulders.

Set your lovely leaves aside J

Second – make the “face”

Take the foam ring and using the green marker (you may need a few), color as much of the outside of the ring towards the inside as possible.  That way you don’t have the white of it showing through the black tulle.

Using the staple gun, staple a square (I used two layers worth) of tulle tightly across the front of the foam ring.

Using scissors, cut away as much of the excess tulle as possible.  Test the tension by gently pressing against it and making sure it doesn’t push in.  Also hold it in front of your face to make sure you can see through.

Set aside your face.

Third – sew the leaves to the hoodie.

I positioned the three bases of the leaves so that there were two on either side of the hoodie opening and then two coming down the back.

Since I have a sewing machine, I used a top stitch needle and sewed across the base of the leaf and the hoodie having the leave on the outside of the hood. Make sure you don’t accidentally sew across the pipe cleaner – you’ll break a needle!

Attach the little leaf to the top, middle of the hood just a few inches down from the crown of your head. I actually sewed each end of the little leaf to keep it in place.

Fourth – attach the waist band the foam tube and then to the front of the hoodie

Using fabric glue, coat the front foam tube edges of the face piece, (the front has the tulle overlaying the top) with fabric glue.  Then take one edge of the waist band and work it around the tube so that it is entirely covered.  Sew the two ends of the waistband together.

Using no more than a ¼” seam attach the waist band to the hoodie.  This took me a bit to wrestle with the machine to make sure I could sew all the way around; if you have a smaller sewing machine you may want to hand stitch this part.

Fifth – attach the baseball cap

Put on the baseball cap and then slip your pea shooter on over it.  Arrange the hood so that it sits where you like it (I rested the brim of the baseball cap right above the foam circle to hold everything up).  Using some pins – pin the top of the hood to the baseball hat.

Take everything off, and now sew the top of the baseball hat to the hood in a straight line down the middle.  You just want to make sure it’s attached.

Six – Attach the eyes

Using black and grey felt cut out your eyes, and then glue together.  I then used fabric glue to attach them on the side of the peashooter head – matching a photo I had.

Seven – Prepare the peas!

Finally, take the three foam balls and color them green using your markers.  Thread them on to two of the long wires.  I then slid them through the mesh face and attached them to the bottom of the hood where the draw string was.  There really isn’t a right way to do this, you just want them floating in front of you – so fiddle until you get them just so!

I think that’s everything, but leave a comment if you have any questions – and good luck!!

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