sunday in the park with myself

i just had a wonderful day.  usually  my sunday consists of moving from the bedroom to the living room and catching up on tv from the week. sometimes i might sew something, knit something, or kill a few aliens on the xbox. but the general rule of the thumb is i stay pj clad for most of the day, and other than an occasional howdy from my housemate, i have very limited interaction with other people. yea, it’s pretty much depressing and leaves me feeling like i missed out on *something*.

i have no idea why today was different, but i hopped out of bed a bit after 9; and made a wonderful breakfast which i ate at the dining room table (no tv, no magazines, no phone nearby),  threw on workout clothes and drove to the gym for an hour long workout.  after a lovely hot shower, i then got a deep tissue massage (thanks to the amazing johnny) and  a faboo mani-pedi (thanks to the talented summer).  in between i grabbed a healthy lunch at the bistro inside the gym and relaxed in the spa relaxation room by the fireplace.  it felt decadent. 

on the way home i decided i wasn’t quite ready to call it a day, so i took the exit heading south on I-5 and headed to the meridian 16 to see the documentary catfish (which i’ve been wanting to see for several weeks).  i was hoping to have the theater all to myself, but shared it with two couples; well maybe three – since i was technically taking myself on a date.   fantastic movie, by the way. makes an interesting counter-point to the much more tragic “talhotblond“.  i recommend them both.

after the movie i sped over to ballard for a 5:30 meeting i go to every sunday, which is usually the only thing that gets me out of my pjs and into the car.  once there, my friends got a big kick out of my activities for the day (especially the part about paying someone to touch me because it’s much more appealing than dating).

now i’m kicked back with sleeping “manimals” on the couch, enjoying some great sc-fi thanks to netflix (torchwood) and already planning something fun for my next outing.


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