first broken needle (and why my boyfriend is awesome)

so last night i’m working on my second pair of socks ever – the first pair i had knitted on size 6 dps which were fairly sturdy – but these are for the BMFA socks that rock january  club kit pattern and are on size 1s.  needless to say it turns i learned i should have been way more gentle with size 1s than any of the other needles i’ve used – and promptly broke one the minute i got into the lace part of the pattern.

i’m sitting on the couch looking at my broken needle and contemplating taping it together so i can keep working when my boyfriend comes home from being out and about – and says “hey i have a prezzie for ya” – and pulls out a bag of lantern moon sock stix.  and in what i can only describe as an eerily wonderful surprise i notice they are 1s!

well alls well that ends well as i curl back up on the couch and continue with the lace pattern – a little less scared, and a little bit wiser in the ways of dps…. and a very lucky girlfriend indeed.

cheers – b.

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